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Automatic Drawings & paintings/psychic art

This way up shows faces and information hidden underneath all the writing. These are people in the spirit world coming through for you.. They are shown as caricatures.

This is the drawing from the video. It explains a little about how to look for yourself. All numbers found can be typed into google as symbolic meaning of the number and there will be another message there for you. Same for any animals you see. To order your own drawing go to the bottom of this page.

This way up is the past area. There is so much to see it will take months. To order your own drawing go to the bottom of this page.

These Drawings appear in seconds, they are as far as I know unique and they bring information about the person they are drawn for. I work with your vibration which is picked up from a photo of you. You will notice there are no straight lines or defined features as everything in them are made up of information. So you may or may not recognise the face you see. The hair is rarely straight as this contains lots of information also. They are channelled through me on to paper I have no idea what is going to appear as I am not involved. They can be very cartoony and sometimes portray granddad figures as a man with braces and a flat cap. They are drawn in a very clever way showing people blending and looking in two directions. When turned upside down there can be another big face looking out. There are pets and all kinds of animals have appeared on them. These are your animal spirit guides who are with you at that moment. For instance you may see an amazing perfect drawing of a lion who is with you bringing strength to help you with a situation you are dealing with. Depending where the lion shows up this can be in your past, at this moment, or coming in to your future. There is writing all over the drawings. A signature from a loved one in spirit has been recognised. What more proof can there be? Dates of birth, Names with unusual spelling. Look in the head area to see who you have been thinking about. Look in the eyes to see who you were looking at on the day you wrote your note to me. The nose contains information and the mouth tells me who you have been talking to or about. These drawings can make you laugh or make you cry. I have learned to interpret them with the help of my wonderful guides one of whom was a famous cartoonist when on this earth and the other a famous portrait artist. Don't look to hard at them just glance. See how they change as the light of day changes or when the lamp goes on at night. View from afar and try looking at them in the dark with candle light flickering near them. There are many things for you alone to see in the drawings.

To order a drawing with interpretation. Go to the first PayPal button at the bottom of this page. The cost of this is £70.00 +£2.50 P&p( U.K) Then send me a photograph of you to [email protected] I will post the reading out to the address on pay pal.

PLEASE NOTE: if outside the EU the cost of postage is £5.00

spirit drawing

Above button for UK/ deep drawing 

Below button if outside EU

spirit drawing

I am now offering email spiritual readings which include a picture of your mini drawing with guidance from your spirit guides. These are very popular and I do many all over the world. It saves time and postage. I attach a picture of the drawing, also a scan so you can print off at your end. I sometimes copy some of the faces i see in the drawing and send them too. 

Go to my testimonial page to see feedback. This is a shorter version of my work.

The cost of this is £30.00

To order Your own mini drawing use this pay pal button below. You can send a message to me on my contact page.

Email reading