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The Law of attraction in layman's terms

After many attempts and books bought I struggled to make the law of attraction work for me. I broke it all down and found the missing link and guess what I get it! Click the pay pal button and I will email it to you.


Law of attraction

Armchair Exercises designed to change your life

Armchair Exercises

Are you feeling stuck? at a loss with which way to turn? struggling to move on from broken relationships? Cant find a job? want more abundance? want to attract your soul mate? Need change to come in to your life?

Look at these bite size exercises and see which ones appeal to you.

You may have been guided here!!!!

I have been working with all these exercises for ten years now. My life turned upside down and I needed guidance as I didn't know which way to turn.

I work with the Metaphysical, intuitive guidance, Meditation, Reiki Healing, Crystal Healing, Psychic development, Laws of attraction. I am a psychic medium who specialises in Automatic writing, drawing and paintings. Its all a part of Psychosynthesis coaching. All these exercises have been experienced by myself and I teach others to use them. I love to help others to see the light and turn into the best version of themselves. This then attracts the best back to themselves.


These exercises don't take long and can be done alone or in a group. They bring massive results.

Remember that when you do any of these exercises that they are a form of healing and can bring lots of emotions up to be accepted, acknowledged and released. There will be lots of baggage too which will be holding you back. Forgive yourself and anybody else and release. Be kind to yourself!!

All exercises will be sent via email.

The Grounding and Protect exercise is free and you should make it part of your every morning routine. You will receive this via email with any order.

The balloon exercise

This is an easy way to send people's energy away from yours. watch them float away with love. people can be psychic vampires without you knowing. If you feel drained, down in the dumps, no energy or sad, when in their company then send their energy away. They can include past relationships, work colleagues or even the boss. Maybe you feel blocked from going forward and are wondering why. £10.00 Go to the correct paypal button to pay. Fill in your details. You will receive the exercise vi email.


Learning to put your mirrors up all around you and reflect them outwards can change many situations. It is instant protection from people sending bad energy your way. When absorbed it can crush your ego, bring you down, drown your success but reflected back to the sender they will receive their own poison. without you lifting a finger!! £10.00 Go to the correct pay pal button to order, fill in your details then you will receive the exercise via email.

Cutting Cords

The cords are invisible attachments that are formed through emotional ties, when we fall in love a cord attaches from one person to another but also when there is a traumatic event this can bind us together. We have to learn to let go so that both sides can be free to open up to new relationships or opportunities. If we do not cut the cords that bind then we carry all the hurt, insecurity, fear on to the next relationship. Free yourself of the ties today!! £10.00 Go to the correct pay pal button to buy. Fill in your details. Then you will receive the exercise via email.


I cannot guarantee that any of these exercises will produce results

They are tried and tested and used often. It is up to the customer to follow the instructions to receive the desired results.

l. Parkes

Balloon Exs

Above button for the Balloon Exercise

Mirror Exercise

Above button for Mirror Exercise.

Cord Cutting

Above button for Cutting Cords



To learn about affirmations and how they can help to change your life go to my blog page.

If you would like a tailored affirmation to suit your desires, that you can keep repeating. Then go to the pay pal button on this page and fill in your details.

I will send the affirmation to you via email.

Once paid message, me on the contact form below and let me know what you want to manifest and i will work it out for you.


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