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A Little about me.

I would like to tell you a little about myself and my spiritual journey that has brought me to this stage of my life.

                                 It is my intention to bring peace and closure to many people's suffering. I would not push my beliefs upon anyone. I have built this website so all who are searching for proof of the afterlife may realise the spirit world does exist and they can get information through.

                                     As a child I was very aware of someone stood behind me but on turning around there was no one there. Also very afraid of the dark. Even now at 56 I have to have a dim light at night. I experience shapes and colours zooming in and out in the dark. My parents would shun these experiences so I tried not to worry about them. My sisters laughed when I came home from school and said when I lifted my desk lid today (Yes I'm old I had a desk lid that lifted ha ha!) god spoke to me. I don't remember this myself. Also I told them the clouds parted today and god spoke to me and again they laughed out loud.(you can't blame them can you.) So because it's not the "norm" I put it all away on a shelf. There were lots of things happening but it will take too long to write it all. I got on with my life always shunning the little happenings. I grew up and married had children etc. My dad passed to spirit at a young age. This was a massive shock to me which I struggled to come to terms with. Then I started to see him when any family member was ill or close to death. I thought he was in my dreams. He was telling me to go and help. I also had a beautiful older lady who would bring a bouquet of flowers whenever someone close had passed over. She visited during the night then the next day I would get news someone close had passed over. Life goes on and is very busy with a growing family, work etc. Then in 2008 I thought I was losing the plot. There was all sorts of spirit activity and psychic happenings around me. I was ignoring it all but then found out my husband was having an affair and it all fell into place. Spirit were trying to alert me and to open my eyes. My life turned upside down. This was an extremely difficult time and I needed guidance. I was guided to a wonderful medium who encouraged me to follow my path. I joined her development group .This brought out amazing spiritual gifts. Through meditations I was told to try automatic writing and discovered I have a guide who writes with me. Mary is her name she has proved time and again that she is real. she gives me information that can be checked out. She brings information in my readings. I was then told to get oil pastels and place them on paper and see what I get. This is where the drawings come in. Some would call it psychic art but I prefer spirit drawings. These drawings have totally amazed me they have so much information in them and are as far as I know unique. The guides that are drawing were famous artists when on this earth and have given me proof of who they were. I hope this page has been informative and that you will enjoy looking at the drawings from spirit.


I have been developing my spiritual gifts for 12 years and along the way have studied level 1&2 reiki healing and have a diploma in crystal healing. The drawings and paintings have been with me for five years